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Staff Profile For Dr Alan Marshall

Head of Department: Humanities. School of Humanities and Cultural Industries.

PhD, MA, BA(Hons), FR.Hist.

Personal Statement:

Alan Marshall is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Head of Humanities at Bath Spa University. He has written a number of books, essays and articles on the early modern period:

The Death of Nicholas Fairles: Law and Community in South Shields (NEEHI, 2010); Oliver Cromwell, Soldier: The Military Life of a Revolutionary at War (Brasseys, 2004); The Strange Death of Edmund Godfrey: Plots and Politics in Restoration London (Sutton Publishing, 1999); The Age of Faction: Court Politics, 1660-1702 (Manchester University Press, 1999) and Intelligence and Espionage in the reign of Charles II, 1660-1685 (Cambridge University Press, 1994).

In addition he has published a number of articles on seventeenth-century history.

His current research in progress focuses chiefly on intelligece and espionage in the early modern era- the 'arcana imperii' and
the meaning of the series of plots to assassinate the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.

He is the recipient of a British Academy Small Grant award (2011) to undertake work on Thomas Scot the Rump Parliament's spymaster.

Professional Qualifications:

1986-1991      PhD University of Lancaster: Sir Joseph Williamson and the Restoration Government Intelligence System, 1660-1680, University of Lancaster supervised by Professor G. Holmes, University of Lancaster and Professor J.S. Morrill, Selwyn College, Cambridge. British Academy Funded
1987-1988      Scouloudi History Research Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, University of London
1985      MA, Historical Research, University of Lancaster. British Academy Funded

Membership of Professional Bodies/Subject Associations:

2000 - present, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

2004 - research associate, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

2001 - present, Member of the North- East England History Institute

1997 - present, Member of the Cromwell Association

Teaching Specialism:

Research: British, Irish and European Early Modern History; the heritage industry; North-Eastern History of the early nineteenth century.

Member of the BSU Humanities Centre for History and Culture

Teaching: Undergraduate and postgraduate early modern British Intelligence and Espionage.

Key Publications/Exhibitions/Performances:


Oliver Cromwell: Soldier (Brassey's, 2004).
The Strange Death of Edmund Godfrey: Plots and Politics in Restoration London (Sutton Publishing, 1999)
The Age of Faction: Court Politics, 1660 - 1702 (Manchester University Press, 1999)
Intelligence and Espionage in the Reign of Charles II, 1660 - 1685 (Cambridge University Press, 1994, 2nd edition 2002)

Articles in edited collections:

'Fly Bold rebellion: The Abortive Northern Rebellion of 1663 Revisited' in J. Clare (ed.) From Republic to Restoration (MUP 2013)

'Pax quaeritur bello -The Cromwellian military legacy' in J. Mills (ed.), Cromwell's Legacy (MUP, 2012)

'Mechanic Tyranny': Anthony Ashley Cooper and the English Republic' in J. Spurr (ed.), Anthony Ashley Cooper, earl of Shaftesbury (Ashgate, 2011)

Woeful knight: Sir Robert Walsh and the Fragmented World of the Double Agent in D. Szechi (ed.), The Dangerous Trade (Dundee University Press, 2010)

'Foreword' to C. Jones (ed.), British Politics in the Age of Holmes (History of Parliament, 2009).

Edited with N. Sammells, Irish Encounters: Poetry, Politics and Prose since 1880 (Bath, 1998)


The Death of Nicholas Fairles: Law and Community in South Shields, 1832 (NEEHI, 2010).

'Memorialls for Mrs Affora: Aphra Behn and the Restoration Intelligence System' , Womens Writing 22/1 (2015), pp.13-33

'Killing No Murder' History Today (March 2003)
Sir Samuel Morland and Stuart Espionage , Annual King Charles I Lecture, Privately published by the Friends of King Charles the Martyr Church, Tunbridge Wells (2003)

'Enter the Plot Master' BBC History Magazine, 2 (June 2001)

'An unsolved crime three centuries old', The Independent, 20 December 1999.

'To Make a Martyr: The Popish Plot and Protestant Propaganda', History Today (March 1997).

'The Westminster Magistrate and the Irish Stroker: Sir Edmund Godfrey and Valentine Greatrakes, Some Unpublished Correspondence', Historical Journal, 39, 2 (1997).

'Sir Joseph Williamson and the Conduct of Administration in Restoration England', Historical Research 69, 168 (February, 1996).

'Irish Spies and Plotters in Early Modern Europe', Irish Studies Review, 9 (Winter, 1994).

'Colonel Thomas Blood and the Restoration Political Scene', Historical Journal, 32, 3 (1989).

Contributions to Historical Projects:

Editorial panel member on the Pearson Education book/website project by P. Claus and J. Marriott, Historiography and history: an Introduction (2011)
The Secretaries Office and the Public Records' and 'Stuart Government 1160-1714', essays in State Papers Online, 1509-1714. Part III: The Stuarts, James I to Anne: State Papers Domestic (Gale, Cengage Learning EMEA, 2010).
New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2004). My articles included: the Rye House Plotters; Sir Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington; Sir Joseph Williamson; Titus Oates; Thomas Blood; Sir Samuel Morland; William Bridgman; Thomas Dangerfield and others.

Eight articles in C. Messenger, (ed.), Reader's Guide to Military History (Fitzroy Dearborn 2001), 19-20, 67-69, 124-126, 263-265, 311-313, 526-528, 588-590 and 559-560.
Research assistant for
G. Holmes, The Making of a great Power: Late Stuart and Early Georgian Britain, 1660-1722 (1993)
G. Holmes and D. Szechi, The Age of Oligarchy: Pre-Industrial Britain 1722-1793 (1993)

Conferences organised
Co-convener for the Heritage Industry Forum, Bath Spa University (2010)
Co-convener for the Heritage Industry Forum, Bath Spa University (2009).
Co-convener for 'British Politics in the Age of Anne' - 40 Years On:
A Symposium on the Work and Legacy of Geoffrey Holmes', History of Parliament (2007)
Co-convener for Irish Encounters: Literature, History and Culture, 1600-1995, Bath Spa University (1996)
Co-convener Fin de Siecles: Writing, History and Culture, Bath Spa University (1995)

Public lecture

'Plots, intrigues and meaning' The National Portrait Gallery (July 2013)

Selected Conference:

'Suspicious Minds: Political Murder, Reason of State, and Morality in Seventeenth- century Europe',Royal Historical Society Symposium, 'Intimacy, Power and Authority in European Perspectives', Bath Spa University, Corsham Court, October 2013

'Memorials for Mrs Affora': Aphra Behn and the Restoration intelligence System' Aphra Behn in her Seventeenth-Century Contexts 12th - 14th April 2012 Loughborough University

Point of Friction: Major Christopher Bethel and his troop of horse The Cromwell Association, AGM( April 2010)

The Trials of Thomas Harrison, regicide 1649 and the execution of King Charles 2009, London Socialist Historians Group, Institute of Historical Research, University of London

'The Death of Nicholas Fairles: Violence and community in South Shields 1832' at University of Teeside(March 2007 )

'The Trials of Thomas Harrison' Selwyn College, University of Cambridge (2006)

'Humanities beyond Digitisation', Institute of Historical research, University of London(September 2005)

The 'Gordian knot': The Character and Achievements of King Charles II, Day School held by the Oxford Centre for Continuing Education (May 2005)

Using EEBO in undergraduate modules ' at ..Waking up in the British Library..', John Rylands Library, University of Manchester (March 2005)

Sir Samuel Morland and Stuart Espionage , Annual King Charles I Lecture, The Friends of King Charles the Martyr Church, Tunbridge Wells (2003)

'Fierce and Bloody': The trial of Thomas Harrison in 1660', Conference paper at University College Dublin (2002.)
Fly Bold rebellion: The Abortive Northern Rebellion of 1663, Conference paper at Civil War and Rebellion, Institute for the Study of War and Society, De Montfort University (1995).
The Wild Geese in Europe: Irish Exiles in the Seventeenth Century, Annual Lecture on Irish Studies the Bristol Irish Festival (1993).

Current Scholarship:

Current Scholarship:
'The Armies Teares for Major Bethel'
" Arcana Imperii' the Cromwellian Intelligence system'
'Thomas Scot and the Rump Parliament's secret intelligence system'.
'Central Finance and Covert intelligence 1649-1660'

Conference talks
'Oliver Cromwell, protector, and the art of arcana imperii', News, Secrecy and Foreign Policy in early modern England, April 2015

External Examiners:

I have acted as an external examiner for various higher degrees, including
English Department , Bath Spa University (2011)
History Department, University of Swansea (D.Phil 2005)
History Department Royal Holloway University of London (D.Phil 2006)

Other External Roles:

Media contributions:

Historical consultant National Geographic : Bloody Tales
Historical consultant, BBC Wales: Wales and the Popish Plot
Historical Consultant, History Channel TV programme: 'The Conquerors: Oliver Cromwell'

Historical Consultant, Channel 4/Flame TV series: 'Crime Team'

External consultancy roles
External Consultant for Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowships 2010-2011
External consultant/ referee for ESRC applications 2008
Editorial Panel Member for a textbook Introduction to Historiography for Pearson Education, 2006-2010
Facilitator of the 'History and Culture' lecture series at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution 2006-2009.
Historical Consultant The Western Daily Press (2004

Recent Professional Updating:

Last Updated: 17 February 2015.

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