Our website should be accessible to most internet users, regardless of ability.

Style Changer

You can change the layout and colour of our website by using the style changer.  This system only changes the stylesheets which control the visual presentation layer of our website; the content remains the same.  There are twelve possible layout and colour schemes: Graphics Rich (The default scheme, best for web browsers), Handheld (For small screen devices like PDAs and mobile phones), Printer Friendly (Some navigation elements may disappear), Black and White, and High Contrast.

Access Keys

The UK Government provides access key guidelines (2.4.4 UK Government access keys standard), which we also use on our website:

Key: Target: Used?
s Skip navigation YES
1 Home page YES
2 What's new NO
4 Search YES
6 Help YES
7 Complaints procedure NO
8 Terms and conditions YES
9 Feedback and contact details YES
0 Access key details YES

To use the access keys, please refer to the help guide that comes with your web-browser software.

Text Changes

Resize text:

Increase text contrast:

If you want to, you can use the full graphics version of our website.


We love feedback, so please don't hesitate dropping the webmaster a line with your questions or suggestions.